Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment

With increasing use of Display Screen Equipment both at work and at home, it’s easy to become complacent about how your workstation should be set up. However, if you’ve never been shown how or you’ve forgotten what you were told before, there’s a real risk of developing discomfort and pain. This could develop principally in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and lower back.

At work your employer is required to conduct specific DSE Risk Assessment for all employees classed as ‘users’ i.e. you use DSE on a daily basis, for an hour or more at a time and you are reliant upon it to do your job.

Assessment will typically cover:

  • Computer equipment (i.e. screen, keyboard, mouse, software)
  • Workstation furniture (i.e. desk, chair, desk layout)
  • The workstation environment (i.e. lighting, heating)

Most assessments are conducted via a questionnaire provided to users who complete and return it. Bellatrix can undertake an assessment for you either using your in-house questionnaire or alternatively, can help you develop your own questionnaire. Bellatrix can then work with you and the user to implement suitable control measures identified from the questionnaire. Training can also be provided as part of the assessment process.

Whatever way you choose, call Bellatrix Health and Safety today for a no obligation discussion on your particular requirements.