About Us

Although involved in the health and safety world since 1996, Bellatrix Health and Safety Consultancy has been trading as a sole trader since 2004 , providing health and safety services to small and medium sized enterprises who lack their own in-house advisor.  Bellatrix Health and Safety Limited was incorporated out of this modest start on the 1 April 2011.  As a small company itself, Bellatrix recognises the many difficulties faced by small businesses, particularly within the area of health and safety compliance. So much so, Bellatrix are proud to be members of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Our aim is to provide an excellent level of service and cost effective, sensible and realistic solutions. We do this through fostering a good working relationship with our clients by simply taking the time to listen and fully understand their business requirements and needs.  Where necessary, we work together with our approved associates to provide specialist advice. 


As members of professional health and safety bodies and through continuing professional development, Bellatrix consultants maintain their knowledge of the latest developments and changes in health and safety legislation and procedures, ensuring they are always up to date.


A question often asked is why the name Bellatrix?  Bellatrix is a star in the constellation of Orion. The name translates from Latin as ‘The Female Warrior’ or sometimes ‘Amazon Star’ and contrasts with Orion who is a giant warrior. Bellatrix is one of the hotter naked eye stars and radiates 6400 times more light than does our own sun. More important, Bellatrix was long taken as a standard for the measurement of stellar brightness’s, against which astronomers can follow the meanderings of variable stars (those that vary in brightness). It should therefore come as no surprise that Bellatrix Health and Safety seems at times, to battle its way through the moral, legal and indeed financial complexity that is health and safety on your behalf.  It is the measure for service excellence,  for cost effective, sensible and realistic solutions.  Alternatively, the name was picked by my wife!